So about 2 months ago like 20 baby snails randomly appeared in our fish tank (when we had no snails) and now they have repRODUCED?>!?! There are literally about 50 new baby snails in our tank now… WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH 70 SNAILS!?!?!?!??/1/1/1/ WHO…WHY

Ohhh the same thing happened to me. They were stowaways on some aquatic plants I bought, and they’ve reproduced themselves by 2 or 3 times already. Right now my tank only has plants in it, no fish — well, plants and these snails. Apparently they can reproduce asexually as well, if they need to. So you better get used to having some snails in your life. I used to have a beautiful little dwarf puffer fish and as small as he was he ATE the snails. He LOVED them. Dwarf puffers have teeth and they like to crunch on the shells.

Reblog because now I want endlessly reproducing snails and a snail-eating fish, resulting in a perfect aquarium ecosystem that requires no work on my part.  

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    Little invisible snails using little invisible love darts to fill up your aquarium.
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